GRANT NOBLE for Thalia Surf Shop

GraNt is a Newport favorite, he is true to a fault almost of his love of all thiNgs loggiN. He actually has started shapiNg boards as well. His first or secoNd batch is iN THALIA as i type, a 9’5 aNd a 6’3 siNgley. GraNts got a bright future iN the loggiN world, he has aN electric pulse about him, really loves surfiNg, aNd thats why i like him:) THaNks Gio for the shapiNg shots doNated to the short – Check out the faNcy footwork of GraNt oN a fuN summer day at Blackies, Newport Beach.

Couple GraNt sleds.


Well summer is startiN so its straNge that we are still gettiN West wiNd swells. I guess its makiNg up for the dismal wiNter we had, mixed with the great weather aNd warm water its just such a treat. Better late thaN Never:) Got some fuN oNes dowN at Blackies past few days. BeeN gettiNg some great footage from up oN the pier, really love gettiN these shots. Heres a few images of my favorite local loggers – TaNNer Prairie & GraNt Noble that I got past few days here iN Newport.

88 Newys

My boyz iN auz made a couple New edits love to share with you. Miss the crew always makes me waNNa be iN the laNd dowN uNda!

couple little images lyiNg arouNd my desktop. First oNe is JustiN Adams at Salk Creek ’13

 Ellis arouNd ByroN Bay ’13  NaNda OrmoNd last moNth iN New ZealaNd:)


KeN Sukuki is a buddy of ours from arouNd towN here iN Newport. He’s 100perceNt JapaNese/AmericaN aNd i thought id play off of that for this particular short, cause i just love the JapaNese culture & tv preseNtatioN! I first kNew of KeNNy as a skimboarder back iN the day, fark he was sooooooo good at it, actually my favorite. Hes always surfed but took it up full time after skimmiNg his braiNs out for years. KeN charges wedge, shortboards sick, is always up for a good time, aND most of all is aN epic dude. Super NICE aNd polite to everyoNe:) ENjoy the positive eNergy of KeNergy !!

This is the JapaNese symbol for “KEN CHI POWER”. KeN has good CHI, that eNergetic force from withiN

New shaved dowN twiNNy set up is iNsaNe!! Gives you juuuuust eNough hold wheN its overhead, but lets you release with ease. Try it out, super fuN & easy way to up ur soft game!!

Disposable lyfe

Sometimes a disposable camera last for a while, aNd stretches out for a bit. This roll of film is oNe of those happeNiNgs. Probably lasted for at least 8 moNths, couNtries iNcluded are here iN CaliforNia, Australia, & NZealaNd.

My good buddies Kyle KeNNelly & Levi Prairie at a DAYDREAM SurfSHop party iN Costa Mesa.

 THE COSMIC ONE with Shop dog PeNelepe BEACH GOTH shots. Heres Ford Archbold weaviNg through the crowd. BEACHGOTH weirdos  BOB HURLEY at his home iN Newport Beach.  RYaN Thomas & Noa DeaNe gettiNg their first meetiNg together, goiNg over film possibilities for the future. THis was before Noa was officially aNNouNced as a VOLCOM team rider.  COle SaNdmaN with Matt Tromberg. This was iN WhoNgamata NZealaNd, a fire marshal showed up to RaNgis house warNiNg us of CycloNe Cook which was about to hit the coast. RaNgi & his brother NaNda at INSPIRE orgaNic shop serviNg up some joe for us. Rookie tryiNg to be a creative cooker, which he always is, torchiNg a pie to get the thiNg crispy. This was takeN just outside of RAGLAN NZ, where we camped for a Night, got some great waves for 2 days here. Bryce, Diz, Matty, & BriaN jump Bryceys vaN from Rafs truck after a fuN haNg up by the water tower atop of ByroN bay.  Harry & Mahalia was who i stayed with for 6 weeks iN ByroNBay ALex KNost aNd his pareNts at the JustiN Adams DANCING BABY show at the Costa Mesa CoNceptual Art CeNter. Kyle & JobiN talkiNg shop at the DAYDREAM eveNt.


Wow. Im Not really the biggest cold weather guy, i actually prefer bikiNis, cocoNuts, aNd warm water. But this project put out by SURFER mag & Chris Burkart features Nutbags Alex Gray, Peter Devries, & Josh MulCoy. Its aN adveNture to the deepest reaches of the AluetiaN IslaNd chaiN off of the coast of Alaska. Really Nice short that was put together Nicely. I could Never imagiNe packiNg my bags for Alaska, Nor will it ever happeN, but hats off to these guys for scoriNg some amaziNg footage of some crazy beautiful waves.


WheN it raiNs it pours! BeeN workiN oN this oNe with oNe of the origiNal soft toppers from arouNd here Big Joe HuebNer. He’s a close frieNd of miNe who has always beeN a supporter of the RevolutioN. Further more, he just rips. So fuN to surf with him arouNd towN here. The whole revisode was shot iN Newport Beach. So fuN to show that its Not all about beiNg a ripper, its about haviN fuN, No matter what size or shape you are:) ENjoy the fruits of our labor, ep. 3.4 yew!!


fish people

Wow, Keith Malloy is at it agaiN. This oNe looks so fkN amaziNg!! Love the womp, love the oceaN, love the Malloy’s!! Patagucci is about to come out with aNother smoker for all of us to eNjoy. Heres the trailer for the “FISHPEOPLE”!!

Yeah Keith!! Ur a legeNd : ) We all Need to thaNk him for his films, they are like gifts to all of us who play iN the sea.

Just love the Malloy Brothers check this.


JobiN is oNe of my favorite youNg kids that lives iN my zoNe. Hes such a solid, hoNest, sweet guy who just so happeNs to love surfiNg as much as I do. BeeN hittiN it rouNd towN lately surfiN together, shootiN occassioNally, aNd just haNgiN out gettiN to kNow eachother. WheN i asked him if he’d jump oN a softy he, without hesitatioN, took to it like a spoNge. Great surfer, humble guy, aNd thoughtful humaN. ENjoy JobiN STYLE! THANK YOU 88 surfboards for the uNbelievably iNsaNe, iNdestructable boards : )

couple framies from da shootz

MEMORIAL DAY #RESPECT – to all those who have giveN their lives for our freedom.