Bryce Young – ROCKY ROCKY

Had a blast workin with some footage my friend Brian Elliott shot of Da Kid out at Rocky Point on the North Shore of Hawaii. Aside from being my favorite surfer, Bryce’s searing surfing on a 5’6 Burch flextail is obviously next level. Enjoy the fruits of our labor – happy to get you some Brycey footage that would have – otherwise – been lost in a digital abyss : )

Had to do it. Damnit, im caving in. KSWAVECo propaganda is to much to resist especially to one of the greatest movie tunes of all time “Pure Imagination”! My only question is, “When you gonna let the 88 team give it a go Kelly?” That would be a sight.


Lots of surf madness going on out there on the information highways. In particular, the KS wave co private event, its got me dreamin of how i can get into it. But other than that a couple vids caught my eye wanted to share with you : ) Cause sharing is caring.

First one was done by my friends at quiky Wade Carroll & Scrunno, got a particularly close connection to this short, as it is shot around my home zone:) FUN stuff boyzzzz!

I cant get enough of Mason Ho! Pure fun. Pure love of surfing.

Sick one by my friends at VISSLA !! Really love Derrick Disney’s acting throughout the piece :  ) Shot by Brian Elliott & Eddie Obrand yeah boyzaaaa!!

Couple screen grabs from my desktop right now. Lots of editing going down new work should be hitting the presses in the coming months : )

Get in da groove > .. > > > >. . > > Jazzy end of summer lately kinda feel.


88 MATE is a mixture of auzzie mexie goodness shot over a 6month period. Little taste of Byron Bay in there, where it is all happening with our friends. Also, HH happened to be here in California for a nice swell that hit central america and we made the call to go into mexico to get some point break fun. This was my first to this particular location, & of course it was fun to have a couple softies on the trip, which is rare. Hendo was goin off, and it was a blast putting together this short for our 88 Japan trip which occurred last week. Enjoy 88MATE & get out there on a softie, you’ll thank me after you do : )


Summer is all about eNjoymeNt. Some days a Glider (which is termed a board 11 feet aNd above) is the board to create that fuN. I gotta chaNce to see some masters of Glide have some smiles together a couple weeks back. Eric SNortum is Burchs best frieNd growiNg up, aNd Pickle just so happeNs to be aN amaziNg shaper who also sells boards at MOLLUSK SURF SHOP !! All thiNgs came together for aN afterNooN of fuN dowN at SaNo:) I eveN gotta chaNce to ride my first Glider, aN 11’1 later that day!! ThaNks for the cool poster art Schuyler!


Couple soNgs – coupla kewl vids.  Life     M   A      N     >

/ / / / / / /  /  / / / / / / /  music is meaNt to explore  / / /   /   /  / / /


HAPPY MONDAY!! Feel like a lot goiN oN for the New movie – startiNg to really tread some water footage gettiNg logged, film beiNg traNsferred, music liNiNg up, its all happeNiNg 🙂 All FrequeNcies are go:) Next week off to JapaN for a lil 88 trip, Ill keep you posted! LookiN like the Soft Boards will be gettiN here DEC 2017 . . . fiNgers crossed .

El GaNso

Made a lil short with my frieNd & DBLANC purveyor ColiN MoraN rouNd the CaliforNias:) It was shot over a couple week spaN here & across the border. EL GANSO meaNs “The Goose” iN SpaNish, which just so happeNs to be ColiNs NickName:) ENjoy

Coupla shots from the shootz

 These are from aN expired 1996 roll woh! suhmdigiz shot by TribalAstroNaut


Just got home from a 3 week trip film trip to INDONESIA couple weeks back, just gettiNg arouNd to postiNg images from it. We had a blast with a tight crew coNsistiNg of lifeloNg frieNds -RyaN Burch, Derrick DisNey, Chris Cravey, & Eric SNortum aloNg with myself. We weNt iNto the juNgles of Java & theN speNt a week oN the ultra spiritual islaNd of Bali. We had waves the whole time & by the eNd of the trip were surfed out with toNs of laughs iN betweeN. Got a few rolls back from the trip waNted to share a few i seNt to the boys.

 Happy Birthday Java style DiNNer times were fuN  FouNd this auzzie kid Named DaNiel he looked ideNtical to RyaN, it was hilarious Ozzie had aN art show iN CaNguu, was aN icoNic Night we raged  RyaN took us to his favorite sushi joiNt iN Bali Off the the PadaNg coNtest for the RIP CURL eveNt, it Never raN weapoNs RyaN & Eric preteNdiNg they smoke cloves  Java times  temptiNg, we jumped at the chaNce Got a coupla days with ozzie, he was rippiNg til he broke his favorite board  our Bali accomb  leaviNg Java  1st day iN Java StaNdard accom from the tower dodgiNg moNkeys Speedies

88 East Coast USA

BuNch of New 88 coNteNt hit the web. They did a little trip to the East Coast of USA, a uNique destiNatioN seemed a perfect fit for aN adveNture:) Rockaway Beach, MoNtauk, they all got hit with the bug, Lie KNeel Sit StaNd has hit the East Coast. ENjoy!


David Lee Scales is aN iNdepeNdaNt surf faN who started up Surf SpleNdor, a fuN little podcast coveriNg all thiNgs surf. Hes obsessed with surfiNg aNd i caN relate, so i agreed to do the iNterview. We chat about my process of filmmakiNg & a buNch of stuff iN betweeN. FOLLOW THE LINK TO CHECK ER OUT

Coupla screeNies from my latest activities behiNd the leNse. BeeN gettiN some Burch GLIDER footage comiNg out with a short Next week, ill keep you posted oN that.

FilmiN for the New movie with Asher Pacey last week somewhere iN Mexico!!

HeNdo slipped iN oN the trip aNd we got some amaziNg 88 footage for aN upcomiNg miNi movie for the braNd:)

The trippy souNd of VAPORWAVE explaiNed:)

FORD LagtowN

Ford Archbold is a really close frieNd of miNe, hes beeN gettiNg back iNto surfiNg past few moNths after a bit of a hiatus from lack of swell this past wiNter. Got so pumped wheN he told me hes back at it aNd jumped at the opportuNity to shoot with him! Ford Now lives iN LaguNa Beach so this is arouNd his home, some fuN swell hit a few weeks back & we were oN it. Just love seeiN Ford rippiNg arouNd LagtowN such a fuN couple days of summer:)