Hotdogger magaziNe – FraNce

Hotdogger Mag is a freNch creative mag that touches upoN the surf culture across the globe, aNd the spaces where those iNdividuals who work iN it live. They were kiNd eNough to come by the hobbit house here iN Newport Beach all the way from FraNce & shoot a few photos for the story. Was a fuN little afterNoooN exposiNg myself to the cool little publicatioN, showiNg them my domaiN:) Stoked for the love thaNk you HOTdigittydog mag.

So excited to get out to this wave pool here iN Texas, good ole USA! Leah DawsoN is the ultimate subject to see the possibilities of this taNk & what caN be doNe oN a siNgle fiN!! Pretty fuN little short, go get em Leah!!!

Thought this was aN iNterestiNg coNcept “Traffic lights” iN the fog, for a photo story – by GermaN fotographer Lucas ZimmermaNN, via PetaPixel

Day Dream Surf Shop – What Youth

Costa Mesa is THE mecca of the surf iNdustry aNd to fuel the right miNded creatives who desigN all our surf gear is a New surf domaiN called “DayDreamSUrfSHop”. My good frieNds Kyle KeNNelly & his woNderful girlfrieNd Becca had a dream, & made it happeN:)

I watched Kyle graduate from Berkley get a degree iN fiNaNce & go oN to workiNg a skitzy full time job with mega baNk CHASE after fiNishiNg iN SaNFraNcisco couple years back. He was miserable, puttiNg iN like 10-15hour days, rarely haviNg aNy time to do what he loved, surf. I remember him talkiNg about leaviNg the job aNd moviNg back dowN to SoCal to opeN a surf club/ coffee shop, aNd that is what he did:)

Love watchiNg frieNds pursue their dreams, aND makiNg them a reality. Surf accessories, womeNs clothiNg, home frequeNcies, & a great arraNgemeNt of boards there as well. You caN pay a moNthly fee to joiN the club, aNd give boards like ANdrieNi, Gato Heroi, Troy Elmore, Deepest Reaches, & Liddle boards a spiN, truly aN amaziNg shop & beautiful owNers!! So stoked to have a New beaN shop iN towN:)

3 for SuperSuNday

Huge day iN America its SuperBowl SuNday! Before the game I raN across these 3 receNt shorts that came out that really caught my eye.

First is surf guru yoga spiritual hero Gerry Lopez explaiNiNg the parallels betweeN surfiNg & yoga, as well as touchiNg upoN the early days of Uluwatu iN Bali. PatagoNia always hits it outta the park, touchiNg oN eNviroNmeNtal aspects & deeper meaNiNgs to our culture. Nice cameos & surfiNg from Mob & Rasta as well – just to add some more stoke to the piece. Nice job NathaN Myers really eNjoyed it:)

Woh this oNe was really fuN for me to watch!! With the oversaturizatioN of the SHortboard world lately its Nice to see some flow oN a mid leNgth stick for a chaNge:) TorreN MartyN shows the way through El Salvador, a couNtry ive beeN frothiNg to visit some day!

YEsssss – last short is from the the miNd of Tyler HatzikiaN – the LA uNdergrouNd log extraordiNiar!! Fark love his surfiN always easy oN the eyes. Masterful surfer & great shaper thaNK GOD for surfers like Tyler:)

IslaNd Earth

My buddy Cyrus SuttoN has beeN workiN oN this project for probably 3 years, he is a true lover of film makiNg, aNd it always shows iN his work:) Really excited to see this oNe wheN it hits the uNiverse!! DOWN WITH MONSANTO AND ALL GMO’ssszzzzz FUK EM!! Go get em Cy!!

Classic story!! Absolutely amaziNg!!! Bruce Gold has managed to survive for almost 50 years in Jeffreys Bay without having a job. He is among the last of a dying breed of surfers who have dedicated their entire lives to riding waves. Loved Loved this short eNjoy!! Almost remiNds me of a regular footed justiN adams:)

LOVE & LIGHT 2kseveNteeN

Australia Days – Mollusk

MissiN Auz right Now. Waves beeN NoNexisteNt up til few days ago, also New swells oN the way for us here iN CaliforNia. Best of all, lookiN like we got lots of drought relief, so thats sweet!! But all this dowN time got me to thiNkiNg about my time iN auz, just surfN & shootN the pass with my m8’s:)

ViNNie Steele is sooooo uNdergrouNd, but i just loved his surfiNg, he also rides MYC boards which is my good buddy Yeates. Well, Ari is just Ari ( few waves oN 88 & theN a Vouch 5’6 Hull), & Ozzie (oN a 5’10 Joel Fitzgerald twiNNy) is a liviNg legeNd so i thought it was a Nice little eNder to a beautiful couple days shootiNg iN ByrON bay:) ENjoy & thaNk you Mollusk Surf SHop for always beiNg there for me yew!

We called this move “THE ATLAS”. ROOKIECULT


OMG got a kick outta this oNe:)

My good buddy Wiley Archbold is oNly 21 years youNg, hes beeN loviNg shootiNg surfiNg started couple years back maybe. HEres his first feature leNgth offeriNg “COMPILATION”, some fuN loggiN rouNd SoCal with all his frieNds, so kewl.

HEres that DIRECT hit were gettN this weekeNd, they’re calliN it “MONSTROUS” Woh buckle up SoCal. Have fuN everyoNe see you at da beach!!



4 cities – RyaN Burch at home outta the ‘Derby House’ – surfN with his buddy Diz N showiN us his dwelliNg habitat. Good stuff!! Also, my taleNted aNd good frieNd Levi Prairie did all the tuNes for the piece. It is Always Nice to see Burch iN froNt of the camera which is kiNda a rarity, hes pretty dowN to earth aNd simple, refreshiNg:) Shot iN aNd arouNd ENciNitas – a truly IcoNic surf city that i love.

Some more Burch spriNkle iN sum OZZIE N you got gold!!!

4cities of OZZIE at his New home iN byroN!! ANother city i love:) No woNder these beautiful towNs are produciNg such positive eNergy.

My buddies JimmyJazz, Salsa & JRad just put out couple New edits.


GettN pumped for some waves to come here to califorNia. BeeN, like, the, worst, wiNter, ever, for, waves. Period. ANother. Period.

Not sure if this guy is eveN humaN – very straNge.



LEgeND!! MIKE DOYLE, oNe of my favorites:) SurfiNg IcoN.

AmaziNg times we live iN!!  LOVE & LIGHT  – – – – – –  iN  – – – – – –  2017 –   UNI-Verse

DISCLOSURE is comiNg – This doco is just miNd blowiNg! Must watch for those who waNt to be awakeNed or who already are. UNIVERSE.


Is Now up oN VIMEO wohh! The worlds first softtop movie 32MINs of softNess. Shot by Brodie JacksoN, RyaN Heywood, & myself:) RyaN & I did the edit together, first half was RyaN, secoNd half of movie was me. Such a fuN project, showed it the prem Night of THEZONE iN bruNswick Heads Aus back iN July of 2016. ENjoy, aND get out there!!

ANother Xmas iN da books. Sum web humour. HappyNewYear!!

screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-4-57-56-pm screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-5-06-25-pm screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-5-03-10-pm screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-5-09-52-pm screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-5-00-45-pm screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-5-05-09-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-31-at-11-55-12-am dnz38pqn9x2cdgd 1mzjndhuruvwj3f 2tlmbp9fcpzbdnk tumblr_oaauexssi21td4672o1_500 1kc5mruzxrlbpxy 1xmhxpo0ioy7lsr tumblr_ocl4rkpcym1qa0iheo1_1280 tumblr_oh2uwrbyrp1qzhjh2o1_1280 tumblr_ohw64kuho21utw2woo1_1280 g95enmc7jqhb90v jgelgr0eex5noj0

BeNNyHill theme soNg!!


tumblr_ohepxwt9s41qzfebyo1_1280 tumblr_ohpxgjh0nn1qzfebyo1_1280 tumblr_oily4w3w561qzfebyo1_500 7k5hiuwqdsmpcor 179ihwxm3oyog5q ploatwd19ripw9n ngxhykaoe59bncfhkb7y5lyh_400 tumblr_ogmrz4duve1qzfebyo1_1280 tumblr_ogwbw4hptc1qzfebyo1_1280 13b3ldab6djvytg tumblr_ohqoueshuv1qzfebyo1_1280


Blair CoNkliN skim lord from LaguNa to Newps, loviN da skiM movemeNt!

Sam StiNNett Soulag legeNd skim lord “BeastMode”

11:11 NewYearDay – joiN IN.screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-10-01-06-am

vibratory effects

Diometric souNd vibratioNs – My New favorite thiNg:)

Hectic mullet – souNd frequeNcies – fractals.


Woh, she’s a fatty!!

BreastimplaNts / triumph / fulfillmeNt – is what i got first try.


BeeN a rough go of it here at home this wiNter Not oNly for the waves. This was today, ouch.


I weNt out aNyways my buddy Gio got a few shots at blackies:)

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-8-25-54-pm screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-8-26-08-pm

staNd up paddle 88

The hits just keep oN comiN from 88!! Aussie fuN to da maximum with ScruN, HeNdo, Wade, Brodes, Lex, Liam, Blue & all the crew dowN iN ByroN!! Big ups lads!!

Merry Xmas everyoNe!!

the holidays

ThaNkful for all of you:) Still my favorite Xmas tuNe of all time!! From the laNd where palm trees sway – IslaNd greetiNgs.

My secoNd favorite Xmas soNg .


New 88 clip out!! Shot & edited by Brodie, damN hes gettiN good at this:)

LoviN Wade Goodall, BluesoN has a meNtal “catscaN” at 2:32, SurfDad gets a few, rook makes a 1wave cameo, looks like HeNdo got a New wetty wit greeN N yellow piNNies dowN the side, Next level!!

HAPPY HOLLOW DAYS!!                                        art: ANdyDavis


SaNta gives me    –    the      –   creeps

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ClosiNg out the year with some New fouNd eNergy!! Excited for 2017