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ALong with many fond memories from this past hurricane season here in California, there has been some not-so-convenient things that have occurred. One of my favorite beaches and surf spots is ElMorro Beach down in North Laguna. The spot is somewhat of an oasis, for me, an escape from the madness & the crowds of Newport.

Back into March of 2006 there used to be a trailer/carvan park just on the east side of PCH, as well as, a row of oceanfront cottage style raised homes stretched all the way to the end of the beach (where the surfspot is). This was a tight community of ocean lovers living in there own private cove. Kinda paradise in the 70s-80s.Could you imagine living here in back in the day? I went down to ELMorro quite alot when i  was about 12-16years old when the homes where on the sand still in the late 80s, it was a surreal beach housing setup. Literally houses on stilts, on the sand.The spot is an above average wedge style wave at best. But when its on, its like a fun waterpark out there! Always just a few guys out, Oc’ers are to lazy to make the hike in.

#HurricaneMarie once again is in the mix. With the power she generated about half the beaches shoreline was washed away. With this in a strange twist of irony, there was a bunch of uprooted foundations, pipes, and concrete that was dug out by the storm. Showing the ghosts of orangecounty past, like a graveyard being discovered. All along the inside of the break, lining the shore is gnarly concrete with rebarb, huge rocks, and dangerous pipes sticking out all around.

This once beautiful playground has become somewhat of a minefield:( The entrance to Elmo is a great way to start a beach day. I went down to the beach to shoot some photos and show you the carnage.

Heres the new lifeguard station. It was lucky. Very close to getting smacked by Marie.

These rocks were never present before Marie. It was just sand for days. Now when you lose your board, not only will you ding it, you have to worry about your feet jabbing some jagged objects below the surface:(

As you come walking up to the spot, this is NOW, what you see.

I surfed here once since this happened. I lost my board on second wave, punctured holes all in it, and took me like 5-10mins to get in because of fear of slicing feet on rocks or metal. After that wave i came in, and havnt been back since today to take pics of it. Shes lost alot of her beauty, but she’ll be back:)

Some critical rebarb popping up. SuperNotCool.

Hope the city can clean up some of this, but it seems as though we just have to wait for the right W NW winter swells to push sand down there. It might take years to get the sand groomed back. Such a bummmer, Elmo i miss you.

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  1. Hey Jack,

    Love your blog … I grew up going to El Morro beach/houses as well (so did my Dad) so this was a nice throwback. Crazy to see the post-Marie destruction! I still do quite a bit of mtn biking in the canyon, but not so much time in the water there anymore.

    I was devastated when the trailers were finally removed… but after a long-ass climb out of the dump that remained, the State did a pretty decent job at keeping things minimal.

    Keep up the good work-

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