New 88 clip out!! Shot & edited by Brodie, damN hes gettiN good at this:)

LoviN Wade Goodall, BluesoN has a meNtal “catscaN” at 2:32, SurfDad gets a few, rook makes a 1wave cameo, looks like HeNdo got a New wetty wit greeN N yellow piNNies dowN the side, Next level!!

HAPPY HOLLOW DAYS!!                                        art: ANdyDavis


SaNta gives me    –    the      –   creeps

fc92b1a2b7eb023811752a55be60a9b2 02ec629536b99817f38ca493e167f80650f01bdf scary-santa ba8d2ae17531972f45a7b2b74aea6965 272421_5_ santa-claus-1 naughty-santa-claus-boobs-breast-pic-photo-image-poster1 218ce400e5e5cd7310fc59d3710bd194 screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-8-02-05-pm 02ec629536b99817f38ca493e167f80650f01bdf

ClosiNg out the year with some New fouNd eNergy!! Excited for 2017

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