4 cities – RyaN Burch at home outta the ‘Derby House’ – surfN with his buddy Diz N showiN us his dwelliNg habitat. Good stuff!! Also, my taleNted aNd good frieNd Levi Prairie did all the tuNes for the piece. It is Always Nice to see Burch iN froNt of the camera which is kiNda a rarity, hes pretty dowN to earth aNd simple, refreshiNg:) Shot iN aNd arouNd ENciNitas – a truly IcoNic surf city that i love.

Some more Burch spriNkle iN sum OZZIE N you got gold!!!

4cities of OZZIE at his New home iN byroN!! ANother city i love:) No woNder these beautiful towNs are produciNg such positive eNergy.

My buddies JimmyJazz, Salsa & JRad just put out couple New edits.


GettN pumped for some waves to come here to califorNia. BeeN, like, the, worst, wiNter, ever, for, waves. Period. ANother. Period.

Not sure if this guy is eveN humaN – very straNge.



LEgeND!! MIKE DOYLE, oNe of my favorites:) SurfiNg IcoN.

AmaziNg times we live iN!!  LOVE & LIGHT  – – – – – –  iN  – – – – – –  2017 –   UNI-Verse

DISCLOSURE is comiNg – This doco is just miNd blowiNg! Must watch for those who waNt to be awakeNed or who already are. UNIVERSE.

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