Australia Days – Mollusk

MissiN Auz right Now. Waves beeN NoNexisteNt up til few days ago, also New swells oN the way for us here iN CaliforNia. Best of all, lookiN like we got lots of drought relief, so thats sweet!! But all this dowN time got me to thiNkiNg about my time iN auz, just surfN & shootN the pass with my m8’s:)

ViNNie Steele is sooooo uNdergrouNd, but i just loved his surfiNg, he also rides MYC boards which is my good buddy Yeates. Well, Ari is just Ari ( few waves oN 88 & theN a Vouch 5’6 Hull), & Ozzie (oN a 5’10 Joel Fitzgerald twiNNy) is a liviNg legeNd so i thought it was a Nice little eNder to a beautiful couple days shootiNg iN ByrON bay:) ENjoy & thaNk you Mollusk Surf SHop for always beiNg there for me yew!

We called this move “THE ATLAS”. ROOKIECULT


OMG got a kick outta this oNe:)

My good buddy Wiley Archbold is oNly 21 years youNg, hes beeN loviNg shootiNg surfiNg started couple years back maybe. HEres his first feature leNgth offeriNg “COMPILATION”, some fuN loggiN rouNd SoCal with all his frieNds, so kewl.

HEres that DIRECT hit were gettN this weekeNd, they’re calliN it “MONSTROUS” Woh buckle up SoCal. Have fuN everyoNe see you at da beach!!


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