3 for SuperSuNday

Huge day iN America its SuperBowl SuNday! Before the game I raN across these 3 receNt shorts that came out that really caught my eye.

First is surf guru yoga spiritual hero Gerry Lopez explaiNiNg the parallels betweeN surfiNg & yoga, as well as touchiNg upoN the early days of Uluwatu iN Bali. PatagoNia always hits it outta the park, touchiNg oN eNviroNmeNtal aspects & deeper meaNiNgs to our culture. Nice cameos & surfiNg from Mob & Rasta as well – just to add some more stoke to the piece. Nice job NathaN Myers really eNjoyed it:)

Woh this oNe was really fuN for me to watch!! With the oversaturizatioN of the SHortboard world lately its Nice to see some flow oN a mid leNgth stick for a chaNge:) TorreN MartyN shows the way through El Salvador, a couNtry ive beeN frothiNg to visit some day!

YEsssss – last short is from the the miNd of Tyler HatzikiaN – the LA uNdergrouNd log extraordiNiar!! Fark love his surfiN always easy oN the eyes. Masterful surfer & great shaper thaNK GOD for surfers like Tyler:)

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