Day Dream Surf Shop – What Youth

Costa Mesa is THE mecca of the surf iNdustry aNd to fuel the right miNded creatives who desigN all our surf gear is a New surf domaiN called “DayDreamSUrfSHop”. My good frieNds Kyle KeNNelly & his woNderful girlfrieNd Becca had a dream, & made it happeN:)

I watched Kyle graduate from Berkley get a degree iN fiNaNce & go oN to workiNg a skitzy full time job with mega baNk CHASE after fiNishiNg iN SaNFraNcisco couple years back. He was miserable, puttiNg iN like 10-15hour days, rarely haviNg aNy time to do what he loved, surf. I remember him talkiNg about leaviNg the job aNd moviNg back dowN to SoCal to opeN a surf club/ coffee shop, aNd that is what he did:)

Love watchiNg frieNds pursue their dreams, aND makiNg them a reality. Surf accessories, womeNs clothiNg, home frequeNcies, & a great arraNgemeNt of boards there as well. You caN pay a moNthly fee to joiN the club, aNd give boards like ANdrieNi, Gato Heroi, Troy Elmore, Deepest Reaches, & Liddle boards a spiN, truly aN amaziNg shop & beautiful owNers!! So stoked to have a New beaN shop iN towN:)

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