Hotdogger magaziNe – FraNce

Hotdogger Mag is a freNch creative mag that touches upoN the surf culture across the globe, aNd the spaces where those iNdividuals who work iN it live. They were kiNd eNough to come by the hobbit house here iN Newport Beach all the way from FraNce & shoot a few photos for the story. Was a fuN little afterNoooN exposiNg myself to the cool little publicatioN, showiNg them my domaiN:) Stoked for the love thaNk you HOTdigittydog mag.

So excited to get out to this wave pool here iN Texas, good ole USA! Leah DawsoN is the ultimate subject to see the possibilities of this taNk & what caN be doNe oN a siNgle fiN!! Pretty fuN little short, go get em Leah!!!

Thought this was aN iNterestiNg coNcept “Traffic lights” iN the fog, for a photo story – by GermaN fotographer Lucas ZimmermaNN, via PetaPixel

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