The city i grew up oN the friNge of LA couNty duriNg the 80s was a hotbed for kNeeboardiNg. Lots of my elders I looked up to rode the craft aNd were true loyalist to the cause. Now, almost a lost artform, kNeeboardiNg will always have a small piece of the pie iN the surf world. Because of its user frieNdly appeal, I thiNk it’ll Never die!! KNeeboarders doNt like the spotlight, they remaiN iN the shadows, which is cool to me:) Check this edit & trip out oN the “half meN” still pursuiNg the practice.

ANother ziNger by ZION here, woh the boog is also aN overlooked part of surfiNg, Never gettiN proper respect it deserves. Love the boogs & this edit is just amaziNg! What a crazy wave!

KNost put oN aN epic eveNiNg this past weekeNd showcasiNg a lifetimes work of THE CAMPBELL bros. These are THE boNzer boys!! Stuck to there passioN throughout decades of surfiNg, curreNtly beiNg praised for their iNNovative desiGN. Full circle, so stoked theyre gettiNg such recogNitioN:) Their motto is, “Be MiNdful”, which is a home ruN iN my opiNioN. No your path, aNd stick to it!!

Positive memes are the future. BeMiNdful:)


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