ROOKIE – Bali Cultural ExperieNce

Holy Shit this is the best thiNg ive seeN iN a loooooooooooNg time:) So proud to see oNe of my favorite people aNd surfers really startiNg to make his mark oN surfiNg. Ari has come a loNg way – his celestial taleNt is beyoNd alluriNg – Not oNly a smooth stylish surf master, he is quite a fuNNy bloke!! WatchiNg Ari stroll arouNd Bali iN a BINTANG siNglet is about as fuNNy as Bill Murray iN Cattyshack~~!!! Wow, doNt kNow what to say besides, eNjoy eNjoy eNjoy!! So fresh to see a surfer Not takiNg himself to seriously:) Love this kid!!

STAB MAG did a little write up oN “The Birth of the Tripod”. CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!¬†Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt rights for all surfiNg humaNs!!

WheN the KING speaks, you should listeN.

THE MATADOR madcat RobiN Kegel here iN Newport Beach, shot by my buddy TOSHI!!

CaNt wait to see this!! Yeah Cyrus looks amaziNg!!

FORMER 29.99 just dropped aNd damN its good!!

The amaziNg beNefits of the olive tree leave extract!! I got me some:)

Also, the MORINGA leaf is a beauty of a tree!! I got me oN dis as well:)

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