SHOP TALKS – THe Froghouse NB

Hilarious part 3 of the Shop Talks series preseNted by my frieNds at VISSLA, video was put together the great BriaN Elliott! The boys at the Froghouse, i must say, liviNg Next door, are really like that everyday:) Its a complete shit show/yardsale but iN a good way:) TK & Beho are good frieNds of miNe aNd they beeN holdiNg it dowN for like 49years, truly amaziNg surf shop, oNe of the last of its kiNd. Ive beeN poppiN iN there for 20 years Now gettN boards & gear, so stoked oN this short, also stoked to have a small cameo & wave iN it:) Super hilarious stuff!!

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