TROY ELMORE – Mollusk Shaper Profile

BeeN a really slow wiNter for waves here iN Cali Рto ease the paiN it sure was great timiNg to do this profile oN my buddy & all arouNd sweet guy РTroy Elmore. It took a few moNths to shoot it due to poor wave quality, but we got the job doNe aNd we thiNk it turNed out a Nice represeNtatioN of Troy & his philosophy oN surfiNg & shapiNg:) I really eNjoyed touchiNg upoN Troys skateboardiNg taleNt, aNd the parallels betweeN skatiNg & ridiNg a twiNNy. Troy has a huge heart aNd is a hard workiNg Рfocused shaper Рthat has really started to pop some extremely Nice boards past couple years, so stoked that he is startiNg to get some recogNitioN & sliNgiN lots of boards rouNd towN. If you get a chaNce check em out at MOLLUSK iN saNFraN, Silverlake, or VENICe.

COuple screeNies & shots from the project:) Had so much fuN with Troy, aNd look forward to workiNg with him iN the future.

ThaNks Troy & Mollusk for the opportuNity I feel blessed to work with both of ya’s:)

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