NANDA ORMOND – moNkey kiNg

To say that art takes a certaiN type of persoNality is aN uNderstatemeNt – ANd if i was to say NaNda has ‘IT’, he has it iN spades. Super fuNNy, very focused, aNd taleNt level through the roof ( or top of yurt )! This is RANGI OrmoNds older brother, who just so happeNs to be the sibliNgĀ of MY favorite humaN ever RaNgi. Apple doesNt fall far from the tree for the ORmoNds i guess, both brothers are just amaziNg people, aNd beauty to kNow them:) Next moNth ill be visitiNg NaNda & RaNgis home iN New ZealaNd which is featured iN this little short. SO excited to get there!!

So pumped oN Wade Goodall, if you kNow Wade, you love Wade. Excited to be liNkiNg up with this absolute auzzie legeNd wheN i get over to Auz Next week. GoNNa be part of the Next movie if all the stars aligN correctly:) Stoked to get Wade goiNg, such a woNderful kiNd persoN aNd – of course – huge surfiNg taleNt. This is how im choosiNg my cast for the Next movie, Wade ticks all the boxes. Wadeoooohh has beeN a pioNeer for the Auzzie free surf world for over a decade:) RESPECT

FouNd this oN COASTALWATCH, which is like the SURFLINE of australia. FuNNy write up oN my boy after the huge edit he dropped ‘BALI CULTURAL EXPERIENCE’, Da Rookie:)


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