OFF to Auz

So excited tomorrow i leave to the greatest couNtry oN Earth – Austalia – for a 6 week trip. Ill be startiNg the New movie (title still is iN the works) got a few ideas bouNciNg arouNd iN my head, probably will kNow the title of the movie by the eNd of this trip. BeeN miNdfully maNifestiNg the cast & feel for the film, for┬áthis upcomiNg trip iN particular:) ExcitiNg New cast members with pure iNteNtioNs & amaziNg surf ability is my ultimate goal. I waNNa make aNother movie filled with harmoNy & light to iNspire you all to get out there iNto the beautiful blue oceaN & explore:) Also, goNNa be stoppiNg over iN New ZealaNd for 11 days while im over there, visitiNg with RaNgi OrmoNd:) ON this trip Not briNgiNg my computer so i caN just focus oN the beauty of my surrouNdiNgs – so – might Not be postiNg to much oN the blog:( Hope you all have a beauty of a spriNg as we head iNto aNother summer iN the NortherN Hemisphere.

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