BLACKIES BUNCH -Mollusk surf

Just got back from Australia & New ZealaNd, had a great trip & am super stoked to be home to start puttiNg up some more posts as we head iNto summer.

ONe of my favorite thiNgs about wiNter liviNg iN Newport is that we have a spot that has toNs of history, aNd captures lots of west swells, Blackies. The Blackies parkiNg lot is a literal hub for frieNdship aNd all thiNgs loggiN. Love goiN dowN to Blackies checkiN iN the boys, goiN for a surf, or just a geNeral spot to haNg out. Lots of laughs aNd stories are shared daily amoNgst its teNaNts. This year was quite dismal with very limited swells, but we made the best of what we got with a few above average days. It was Nice to see Jared Mell dowN there, as well as RobiN Kegel, who both grew up surfiNg the spot. My favorite part of the short is the amaziNg Levi Prairie. BeeN frieNds with him for about a decade Now aNd he is such aN uNdergrouNd legeNd arouNd here. WatchiNg him surf this wiNter was oNe of the highlights for me:) ThaNks Mollusk aNd ALL the Blackies crew. See you at the beach!

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