Fark its Tuesday Not oNly a day for tacos, but Burch & Brycey!! Sick lil edit i fouNd oN YouTube woh really Nice, this oNe slipped uNder my radar, some amaziNg stuff iN here.



Got a chuckle outta this oNe:)

SOuNd is so importaNt wheN makiNg films. Heres some iNsight iNto the artform.

Jumped off the plaNe to witNess & shoot some of the best wedge ive seeN iN a while! – WEDGE May 4, 2017 – Balaram Stack blew the place up with lazer precisioN! Such a fuN shoot. Other staNdouts were Brad Domke, RyaN Hurley, MasoN Ho, & Nate Zoller.

SURFLINE did a little edit from the footy i got last week check it out here  . . . . . . .   

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