Well its that time agaiN, SOFT TOP REVOLUTION time!! THought that with summer approachiNg ill get out there occassioNally to show you how much fuN soft surfiNg really is aNd caN be:) It all started for me iN late 2010, aNd ive Never looked back. THe amouNt of joy it has brought me is uNmeasurable aND i waNt to pass it oNto you.

Got a whole New look for the seasoN thaNks to frieNd AdriaN Morris for makiN the New bumper logo:) This revisode is the first of maNy i got iN the bullpeN, goNNa drop oNe every week for the Next few moNths, so eNjoy the fruits of soft labor. Its free, fuN, aNd Not serious. OUr motto is aNd will always be, “FREE YOURSELF”! Get a softy iN ur quiver, it’ll chaNge ur outlook oN surfiN. ThaNks 88 for the support through this seasoN, mostly be featuriNg the ULTIMATE softboard & compaNy. LIE KNEEL SIT STAND . . .

The Revolution returns for summer 2017 – welcome to SOFT REV 3.0 !! in this revisode Merrett & his dog Axel get some fun ones in Newport Beach, CA. Merrett says “Soft surfin is a great way to burn off a hangover” & we DO NOT condone the riding or purchasing of any WAVESTORM vehicles:(

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