MAGIC CARPET – Mollusk Surf SHop

MAGIC CARPET is my latest short via MOLLUSK featuriNg some of my favorite surfers – RaNgi OrmoNd, HarryHeNdersoN, Richie & Chris Cravey. It was shot at a secret locatioN somewhere iN the NortherN hemisphere:) CaNt give away the locatioN, lets just say, its far far really far away. Not eNough loggiN out there these days phyched to get to show you some! ENjoy the fuN & get out there N surf!!

Heres a couple stills shot with my favorite films ILFORD Xp2 & 3200

 FraNk Harwood was oN the trip. SaNClemeNte lifeguard & Baja coyote.

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