ENTer Cole SANDMAN!! This was shot right out froNt of my house here iN Newport sometime last year, maybe september. It was right wheN Noa was sigNiNg his New coNtract with VOLCOM. Just a typical frieNdly day toppiN out froNt here. It was Coles first time oN the boards, but he was keeN to give it a go after watchiNg alotta the softy clips. You caN tell how much fuN he was haviNg by the size of his smile:) There was this crazy airplaNe show goiNg oN all weekeNd dowN the street from my house IN HuNtiNgtoN, so there was lots of viNtage plaNes flyiNg overhead as we surfed. ENJOY the REV, excited to show you Next weeks revisode already!!


SUMMER VIBES!! Officially kicks off this weekeNd wohhhhhh yeah love me sum summa!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite australiaN HH88, just turNed 31. These shots were takeN with some expired film oN BrokeN head beach with a filter oN the leNse.


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