88 Surfboards

Well, its Not always work work work wheN i go to auz. SOmetimes the waves areNt worthy of shootiNg, thats wheN i get to surf!! Made it iNto a couple New edits from the 88 boys- stoked to get iN froNt of the leNse!! Brodie has become quite the filmer/editor siNce i left, his shorts are very distiNctive aNd autheNtic to the max – Check a few of em out!

I shot this oNe here iN Cali, edited by Brodie!!

Couple images from last moNth I shot iN auz wit da 88 boyzzzzzzzzzz!!  HH Brodie N I. THE softspace TEAM.

IVe always eNjoyed puttiNg 2 images Next to eachother – kept it goiNg for this ruN of fotos as well. Nice to have a laNdscape Next to a portrait:)RyaNHeywood is a huge part of the success of the braNd as well. Yeah SCRUNNO~

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