JobiN is oNe of my favorite youNg kids that lives iN my zoNe. Hes such a solid, hoNest, sweet guy who just so happeNs to love surfiNg as much as I do. BeeN hittiN it rouNd towN lately surfiN together, shootiN occassioNally, aNd just haNgiN out gettiN to kNow eachother. WheN i asked him if he’d jump oN a softy he, without hesitatioN, took to it like a spoNge. Great surfer, humble guy, aNd thoughtful humaN. ENjoy JobiN STYLE! THANK YOU 88 surfboards for the uNbelievably iNsaNe, iNdestructable boards : )

couple framies from da shootz

MEMORIAL DAY #RESPECT – to all those who have giveN their lives for our freedom.

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