Disposable lyfe

Sometimes a disposable camera last for a while, aNd stretches out for a bit. This roll of film is oNe of those happeNiNgs. Probably lasted for at least 8 moNths, couNtries iNcluded are here iN CaliforNia, Australia, & NZealaNd.

My good buddies Kyle KeNNelly & Levi Prairie at a DAYDREAM SurfSHop party iN Costa Mesa.

 THE COSMIC ONE with Shop dog PeNelepe BEACH GOTH shots. Heres Ford Archbold weaviNg through the crowd. BEACHGOTH weirdos  BOB HURLEY at his home iN Newport Beach.  RYaN Thomas & Noa DeaNe gettiNg their first meetiNg together, goiNg over film possibilities for the future. THis was before Noa was officially aNNouNced as a VOLCOM team rider.  COle SaNdmaN with Matt Tromberg. This was iN WhoNgamata NZealaNd, a fire marshal showed up to RaNgis house warNiNg us of CycloNe Cook which was about to hit the coast. RaNgi & his brother NaNda at INSPIRE orgaNic shop serviNg up some joe for us. Rookie tryiNg to be a creative cooker, which he always is, torchiNg a pie to get the thiNg crispy. This was takeN just outside of RAGLAN NZ, where we camped for a Night, got some great waves for 2 days here. Bryce, Diz, Matty, & BriaN jump Bryceys vaN from Rafs truck after a fuN haNg up by the water tower atop of ByroN bay.  Harry & Mahalia was who i stayed with for 6 weeks iN ByroNBay ALex KNost aNd his pareNts at the JustiN Adams DANCING BABY show at the Costa Mesa CoNceptual Art CeNter. Kyle & JobiN talkiNg shop at the DAYDREAM eveNt.

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