KeN Sukuki is a buddy of ours from arouNd towN here iN Newport. He’s 100perceNt JapaNese/AmericaN aNd i thought id play off of that for this particular short, cause i just love the JapaNese culture & tv preseNtatioN! I first kNew of KeNNy as a skimboarder back iN the day, fark he was sooooooo good at it, actually my favorite. Hes always surfed but took it up full time after skimmiNg his braiNs out for years. KeN charges wedge, shortboards sick, is always up for a good time, aND most of all is aN epic dude. Super NICE aNd polite to everyoNe:) ENjoy the positive eNergy of KeNergy !!

This is the JapaNese symbol for “KEN CHI POWER”. KeN has good CHI, that eNergetic force from withiN

New shaved dowN twiNNy set up is iNsaNe!! Gives you juuuuust eNough hold wheN its overhead, but lets you release with ease. Try it out, super fuN & easy way to up ur soft game!!

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