Well with summer iN full POP – this short is just iN time to make everyoNe ask themselves, “am I caught iN the MATRIX?” Soft top surfiNg is all about fun, but sometimes I shoot thrusters for fuN, go figure, hey, its all surfiNg! Had some old footage of the top pros out at lowers & JBay, so it was fuN to throw guys like JOHN JOHN, Kelly, Wilko, Bruce, & The SpartaN iN the short – They truly are the gate-keepers into the MATRIX. We the “RE-EVOLUTION” are not asking you to remove a board from your quiver, but, only to add one to your quiver : ) This is our philosophy . . . . . Get unplugged from THE MATRIX and watch your happiness grow > > > > > > > > CHOOSE SOFTLY

Waves kept comiNg for days aNd days aNd days, I happeNed to be ruNNiNg up & dowN the North OraNge couNty coastliNe, shootiN N surfiN aloNg the way. I was fortuNate eNough to have a few frieNds who were keeN to get a couple clips of me iN my happy place  : ) Those shooters are Toby, KeNCHi, GiovaNNi, Jeffrey, & Nico!! ThaNks guys for gettiNg some fuN holographic images, its always fuN to jump iN froNt of the camera after shootiNg all day:) Also, thaNx GOODIE for gettN us a daypass for the BAY . . . . . . .

To top it all off, I was so stoked to have one of my favorite people – FORD ARCHBOLD – as a co-pilot oN this spaceship Revisode : ) Always so fuN to softtop with, aNd has the best approach oN a top ever!! Also, thaNk YOU 88surfboards for all the froth & boards you gave me for this season, damN thiNgs are bulletproof, testiNg them iN some pretty pouNdy stuff over the past year !! Soft SurfiNg SHOT IN LAGUNA & NEWPORT Beach, COOLIFORNIA.

Stay soft everyoNe, No oNe likes a hard-ass.

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