MaN what a day VISSLA did a fuN recap of the festivities held dowN at Salt Creek Beach iN DaNa poiNt CaliforNia. It was a 2 day eveNt that featured the ridiNg of viNtage craft maiNly built iN the 70s & 80s. Before your heat a divisioN was choseN either siNgle fiN or twiNNy, theN you had to pick which board you’d ride iN ur heat. Super fuN & uNlike aNy other coNtest out there:)

I had the pleasure of surfiNg iN the eveNt as well as shootiNg it, did some water stuff, Super 8, & laNd shots for a full effect of stoke! It was so much fuN iN the suN, that by the eNd of the weekeNd i was toasty with smiles! Highlight for me was gettiNg to meet Mark CuNNINgham who hosted aN expressioN sessioN bodywomp heat. Some of my favorite surf heros were dowN there iNcludiNg, Rob Machado, KalaNi Robb, HaNs HageN, Thomas Campbell, Paul Naude, Tyler WarreN, Rosie Hodge, Derrick DisNey, Travis ReyNolds, DaNNy Hess, Blair CoNkliN, West Adler, Pat OcoNNell, & all the Nutbags whom made the eveNt legeNdary!! Check the short i made aNd follow the above liNk for more detes:)

Couple images from the eveNt shot by myself, JasoN & Paul Naude, KeNNy Hurtado, Roly Gomez, & Noah McPhearsoN!

See you Next year Cosmic ChildreN!!!

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