3 weekery

Im headed out to iNDONESIA iN a couple days for a 3 week film trip! Pretty excited havNt beeN there iN like 5 years so it’ll be refreshiNg to have a chaNge of pace filmiN for the Next movie:) Probably woNt be postiNg while im goNe out iN the middle of a juNgle oN the EasterN side of the islaNds regioN, hiNt hiNt. Got some amaziNg surfers oN the trip, doNt waNNa spill the beaNs, but lets just say couple of em from ENCINITAS, aNd 1 from East Coast of Australia, who happeNs to ride the boards shaped by the ENciNitas guy:) Okay shit yah got me, Burch, Bryce, N Diz & a couple their frieNds are the taleNt – aNd ill just say were headed to a SUPER icoNic locatioN – Wish us luck – aNd eNjoy the Next 3 weeks with hopefully lots of swell eNergy arouNd the plaNet!! ┬ájack

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