88 surfboards – Kia ora

Kia ora is a Māori language greeting which has entered New Zealand English. It means, literally, have life be well/healthy and is translated as an informal hi at the Māori Language Commission website Kōrero Māori. It is also used as a farewell and expression of thanks.

This was a 11 day trip to the LaNd of the LoNg White Cloud. We trecked across the North IslaNd from RaglaN to the East Coast where we met up with the OrmoNds who have growN up there their whole lives:) Got to stay oN there farm & they showed us arouNd, it was quite relaxiNg with a surf first kiNda meNtality to it. NaNda is quite the charactor keepiNg us laughiNg the whole time, while RaNgis sweet demeaNor was the perfect offset to NaNdas humor. It was Liam GibNey, Harry HeNdo N I. Ari BrowNe happeNed to be there as well with ALL THE BOYS oN a seperate trip, so we gotta surf with him a couple days. This was our first full SOFT trip ever so it was a Nice chaNge from the Norm. FiNdiNg fuN SOFT waves is WAYYYYY easier thaN chasiNg arouNd proper hardboard waves:) Hope you eNjoy the edit & iNspires you to throw a softy iN your coffiN oN ur Next trip!!

Couple 35mm shots from da trip, these are arouNd the RAGLAN regioN:)

HEres some digis : ) Mostly oN the East Coast.

 SARA & GuaraNga RAGYS  OUr vaN.  The Vouch surf team was out there, we camped together a couple Nights.  The OrmoNd Farm we stayed oN iN WhaNgamata. packiNg for the trip iN ByroN Bay  RaNgi gettN the shot.  RaNgi at home. ALL THE BOYS aka Krooky – cookie – the rook

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