SOFT REV! 3.7-3.8

Oh America. My home couNtry. It was arouNd the 4th of July weekeNd wheN the BillaboNg team reNted a house here iN Newport. Creed & ChuN were here shootiNg for the compaNy aNd Needed a SOFT iNterveNtioN after average waves for about a week. I met up with em aNd brought a couple boards, surfed out froNt the reNtal house & the rest is SOFT history. WheN Auzzies come to Merica thiNgs get iNterestiNg:)

My buddy ChristiaN is a great topper, hes beeN iN the game for years supplemeNtiNg hardboardiNg with a dash of SOFT. This is a couple sessioNs about a year apart shot at a secret locatioN somewhere iN Newport Beach. DamN, as well, he is a spittiNg image of my mate Ari BrowNe so played off of that a bit at the eNd of the short. ENjoy & stay soft:)

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