David Lee Scales is aN iNdepeNdaNt surf faN who started up Surf SpleNdor, a fuN little podcast coveriNg all thiNgs surf. Hes obsessed with surfiNg aNd i caN relate, so i agreed to do the iNterview. We chat about my process of filmmakiNg & a buNch of stuff iN betweeN. FOLLOW THE LINK TO CHECK ER OUT

Coupla screeNies from my latest activities behiNd the leNse. BeeN gettiN some Burch GLIDER footage comiNg out with a short Next week, ill keep you posted oN that.

FilmiN for the New movie with Asher Pacey last week somewhere iN Mexico!!

HeNdo slipped iN oN the trip aNd we got some amaziNg 88 footage for aN upcomiNg miNi movie for the braNd:)

The trippy souNd of VAPORWAVE explaiNed:)

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