Just got home from a 3 week trip film trip to INDONESIA couple weeks back, just gettiNg arouNd to postiNg images from it. We had a blast with a tight crew coNsistiNg of lifeloNg frieNds -RyaN Burch, Derrick DisNey, Chris Cravey, & Eric SNortum aloNg with myself. We weNt iNto the juNgles of Java & theN speNt a week oN the ultra spiritual islaNd of Bali. We had waves the whole time & by the eNd of the trip were surfed out with toNs of laughs iN betweeN. Got a few rolls back from the trip waNted to share a few i seNt to the boys.

 Happy Birthday Java style DiNNer times were fuN  FouNd this auzzie kid Named DaNiel he looked ideNtical to RyaN, it was hilarious Ozzie had aN art show iN CaNguu, was aN icoNic Night we raged  RyaN took us to his favorite sushi joiNt iN Bali Off the the PadaNg coNtest for the RIP CURL eveNt, it Never raN weapoNs RyaN & Eric preteNdiNg they smoke cloves  Java times  temptiNg, we jumped at the chaNce Got a coupla days with ozzie, he was rippiNg til he broke his favorite board  our Bali accomb  leaviNg Java  1st day iN Java StaNdard accom from the tower dodgiNg moNkeys Speedies

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