Lots of surf madness going on out there on the information highways. In particular, the KS wave co private event, its got me dreamin of how i can get into it. But other than that a couple vids caught my eye wanted to share with you : ) Cause sharing is caring.

First one was done by my friends at quiky Wade Carroll & Scrunno, got a particularly close connection to this short, as it is shot around my home zone:) FUN stuff boyzzzz!

I cant get enough of Mason Ho! Pure fun. Pure love of surfing.

Sick one by my friends at VISSLA !! Really love Derrick Disney’s acting throughout the piece :  ) Shot by Brian Elliott & Eddie Obrand yeah boyzaaaa!!

Couple screen grabs from my desktop right now. Lots of editing going down new work should be hitting the presses in the coming months : )

Get in da groove > .. > > > >. . > > Jazzy end of summer lately kinda feel.

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