Got a couple words & photos in this months October BLISSS MAgazine going over all things NEW MOVIE. ThanKs guys for being such legends and putting out some great publishing throughout the years! HEres the layout.


The words from the story here:)

Two years in the world of Surfing can sometimes seem like light years, the time flies, and innovations in board design and performance keep pushing surfing to new heights. In all of my years, there really hasn’t been one where surfing hasn’t grown in popularity, surfing is everywhere and continues to grow. I love this time in surf film making history, lots of people really gobbling up the imagery, with lots of different filmmakers to choose from. I hope to keep independent film making relevant in this new age of web shorts & 1 minute Instagram clips. I still feel that there is just too much love for sitting down with some friends for a half hour and watching a surf flick! It will always be a sought after visual experience, surf film making will never die!


In the span of two years I have figured out you can get a lot done in that time, enough to create a feature length surf film that sticks. Its been a little over a year since my last film “THE ZONE surf movie” came out in July of 2016. THE ZONE was by far the most fun I’ve had making a movie since I started in 2009, so I immediately started shooting the follow up. That is where I am at now. I realized that I was actually starting to live out my dream of chasing swells while shooting some of the worlds best, and seeing far away cultures as I was doing it. It’s always exciting when a new film project starts to get going, the soundtrack starts to take shape, and the cast members start to get on board for trips and shooting.


Making movies for me is almost all about the surfers that are featured in it. All the cast that will be in the upcoming film, named ‘ZONE FREQUENCY’, are pretty much my favorite surfers and humans on the planet. Surfers like Ryan Burch, Bryce Young, Ozzie Wright, Robin Kegel, Derrick Disney, and Ari Browne will be a few of the usual names in the cast. Really excited to add some new cast members to the film as well. Mason Ho, Asher Pacey, Wade Goodall, & possibly Gavin Beschen are just a few to be determined as fresh faces for the new flick. I think showcasing these cultural surfers are the recipe for another exciting movie that everyone can get behind.


I feel like when I’m making a film it’s not just for this time period, it’s more for when I’m dead and gone. I want my movies to have substance with a long shelf life, a documentation of this particular time period in alternative surfing. Look for this movie to be much of the same as the last, an extension of the formula I’ve grown comfortable with presenting. It’s simple – just my favorite surfers – riding some interesting boards – in some world-class waves – to some nice music. Movie should be ready for release July-Oct of 2018.


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