RIP – Drag

Wow, just watched this all the way through, DRAGGING KILLS~! Hilarious antics and death defying action, best Boog flick ive seen in a while. Harry Bryant air transfers around 8min mark are incredible!! Love the local salty old mate banter montage around the 22min mark as well. Couple songs were a little off, but all together worth a watch:) Its crazy how barreled bodyboarders get, still gettn no respect. Well, im throwin it out – RESPECT Drag.

Been havin fun on a paipo lately : )        ~

Coupla more vids i liked from zeWeb. First one is a George Trimm short – profiling Newport Beach Stylist Grant Noble. Second is a AROUND TOWN episode put out by STAB, nice home town auzzie feel to it featuring Ry Craike.

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