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IVe known the Prairies now for over 10 years now, from around town and in the water. Tanner has always been one of our best, most reliable shapers in the area and you can just about see him in the lineup everyday rain or shine. Levi and I have had a long history of doing projects together dating back to his days in his band i used to do music vids for called “Gantez Warrior”. This short just kinda fell into my lap when i was shooting around town & realized that these brothers are a very unique pair that would be fun to document.

They’ve recently started theyre own surf club called, Costa Mesa Surf Club, along with a new board label “DASH”, where Tanner whips up some traditional shapes. Its a place where all their friends can meet and hang in between surfs, quite a fun little environment for all the CM boyz. These brothers truly do love eachother, which is rare for a competitive duo such as they:) I felt like this short sums up both of their surfing styles, and overall personality traits. Levi did all the soundtrack, and Tanner shaped all the boards:) Such a fun shoot and fun short to put together, I thought a comedy narrative was exactly how i should present these two. Think it worked out . . . . ¬†enjoy – Brotherly Love.

Thank you once again MOLLUSK for the kind words and platform:

Our friendly, Southern California neighbor Jack Coleman has had a curious and watchful eye on a unique, family duo. Tanner & Levi Prairie are a brother, surfer, shaper, musician pair based out of Costa Mesa, CA. The two are a sight for sore eyes in the contemporary world of macho-freakout wave riding, drawing experimental, highly polished lines on anything from knee high crumblers, to double overhead pits. Open your mind, and tap yourself into a tasty dose of Brotherly Love.

coupla photos from the project”

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