OCC Cast – Rasta

The surf world is filled with many charactors that make our sporty life both adventurous and inspirational. There are few of these people that really struck a chord with me through my surfing journey, and id have to say, that David Rastovich would have to be at the top of that list (currently tied with TC).

His surfing is both etherial and technical, making the act of riding waves almost look effortless. Its nice to hear him speak whenever an interview pops up on the web, I just hang on every word he says as if he is some sort of aquatic demi-god.

Occ has a special connection with him so I felt this interview was really sweet and to the point. Check out the latest occ cast with the Goat Wizard himself David Rastovich:) Favorite surfer of all time.

Now  –   lets dance on roller skates!

James Brown of wrestling  . . . . .   The Nature Boy. Dig in.

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