RIP Oscar Moncada

Surfing has lost a couple of its great ambassadors this weekend. I can speak for one of them that I did get a chance to meet, Oscar Moncada. He died tragically in a car accident near his home of Puerto Escondido Mexico, apparently with a commercial truck where all 3 in the car where all lives were taken. Time to celebrate Oscar and his wonderful achievements. What i remember most about Oscar was he was always smiling:) His energy was contagious and he touched everyone who came in contact with him. I was lucky enough in 2012 to have spent a week in his presence at home in Puerto. It almost seems like ive lost a good friend, although i barely knew him. That was the power of Oscar, a true legend and forever an ambassador for the Mexican surfing culture. You will be missed, but your life will never be forgotton, You’ve inspired so many. Thank you Oscar and rest easy.

Oscar showed us around all week. I felt privelaged to have been in his camp. Whenever i got the chance i threw out that i was with Oscar. He was the man. Heres a little short i did with Alex, Timmy, and Oscar back in 2012.

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