2 + NONE

Had a fun time shooting with one of the nicest guys around Kyle Kennelly!! His surfing has always been intriguing to me, and we finally got a chance to do a short together. Been watching him for a few years now riding these 2 boards, stoked to get some footy of him on a good day. My good buddy from WhatYouth Mike Cukr also chipped in with some sweet Hawaii footage of Kyle as well. ThanKs Mike & Mollusk Surf Shop hope you all dig it!!

Blackies season started today woohoo winter is among us here in SoCal!!

Words by Schyuler Beecroft:

Fast & Loose! Our friends Jack Coleman and Kyle Kennelly (with additional filming by Michael Cukr) teamed up to document Kyle’s research in quasi-finless surfing. The possibilities of side bites sans center fin are put to the test in California and Hawaii. Think of something akin to a controlled freefall… steer into the skid! Enjoy.

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