Been a random couple weeks following Thanksgiving, got a couple random vids that caught my eye.

Nanda and AP makin magic! So excited to have Nanda doin some animation for my next film:)

Jim Carrey in his prime. I literally just peed my pants.

My friend Colin just put out a lil edit, got couple cleepz laid in there. Edited by Blaine Suque its called “ScareCrow”!

New 88 Propaganda Boards coming to America next week!!

Aussie goods – SMOKO. Cenny Coast.

Turkish Parliament taking care of issues.

Used to watch this religiously back in da 90z:)

North Shore season is here


In the flesh TC

Couple screenies from me surfin round cali past month. Such a fun run of surf here in Cali Oct-Dec with great weather and winds as well.

Drove through Ventura the other day, took a couple grabs. Blessings for all who lost homes, belongings & animals in the fires.

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