Just realized its been a month since ive posted on the blog. Almost seems like a lost art these days, but im not gonna forget about the few of you who still head out into the information highway for some fresh content. Happy 2018 everyone hope this year is better than last, and for those of you who had a great 2017 lets carry that into the new year.

Super 88 is a 20min short shot entirely in Japan and if youve never been, well, this is how it looks and feels to be in the land of the rising sun:) So many good times when youre on a softy. Wave starved, no problem, you can just climb around in some rocks and get yer fix. The boards have officially landed in Japan, as well as Australia, and last week here in the US. Enjoy the show, and go and get yourself an 88!!

Super Mario Kart 64 is one of our all time favorite video games so we based the short off of the nostalgic sounds of the game. Japan is a bit like a video game, another world. Thanks Blue Mag, Ride S&S, Rainbow Cat, YR surf, Yuta, and everyone who made the trip a blast. Heres a couple grabs from our week long trip.

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