Almost another month gone by with no post damn im slackin. Seems the INSTA world has fully taken over all of our free time unwillingly. Well, ive been in a bit of a decompressive state of late. That time of year when swells are minimal and the cold keeps us close to our fireplaces. But spring is on the horizon for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Been a average winter with no real big swells, high pressure dominating the North. Just to let you know im deep in with the new movie. Light editing going on and things are shaping up, directions being drawn, and inspirations being logged. Heres a few things caught my eye and been up to.

Been workin with Levi round town here, congrats to him for being picked up by O’Neill for his rad surfing talent.

Loved the feel and look of this video. Extreme torched authentic video effect. Love

Just got turned onto Dr. Steve Brule. F’in hilarious stuff. JohnCReilly da best:)

ANother downright stupid adult swim skit series, Spagett!! Lovin this as well.

88 USA. Has officially landed here in California!! Get yerself a board. COntact us on INSTI to get one. HEres us unloading our first container during the fires in SB.

COuple SOFTSPACEMAN vids up created by Mr. BrodieJackson.

I got lots of videos coming out in the coming weeks so ill be sure to post when they arrive!! Hope ur all doing well speak soon Xo jack

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