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The best thing about winter is when it comes to an end, unless its a pumping winter. In this case, winter has been a constant duldrum of disappointing conditions and non producing swells. Yeah, its been a tough one for us here in SoCal. I was so excited to spend time here at home this year, didnt really pan out as expected, but all you can do is pray that spring is better.

Couple of my favorite surfers/humans that live near me Levi Prairie and Jobin Bookout and we happened upon a nice little swell right before winter. I knew it might be our last chance to get some waves without the use of full rubber suits, so we were on it. THis day happened to be my birthday so i remember it well. Stoked to get some new talent in the mix, and Levi and Jobin sure do have a bit of yin and yang together when they surf. A little something for everyone, whether ur right or left foot forward think this might tickle ur fancy.

Thanks Mollusk Surf Shop, once again, for showcasing some unique surfing from a couple unknown local shredders:)

Loved this edit that Creed made!!

Meridiem Odyssey features my buddy Kyle Kennelly!

Pickle in Thank you – S U R – may i have another.

Couple 88 grabs from a small south that hit here last week with Jobin.

memes r fun

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