jeo Enjin earing

Man, the past 2 winters here at home in California have been a nightmare. The usual swells that move down from the North seem to always not do what they are supposed to. Turns out, there is a reason why. I know, and see, from first hand experience watching these lines in the sky regularly along our coast, and its just got me so fed up. So ive been educating myself over the past few years and feel like its time to speak out and share with you what ive discovered. Its apparently obvious they’ve been using these upper atmospherical spraying to have control over the weather.

When you control the weather, you can control the food, when you control the food, you control everyone. Please set aside some time to really get to the bottom of what is going on in our skies right in plain view above us. Not sure what we can do, these demons seem to be above the law, but at least if we bring some attention to it, maybe eventually we can come together to stop it. So much info in both of these videos, think it sums up what they are after and why they are doing it. Lets all pray that there are some people further up then us, little people, that are fighting the good fight. So sick of the bad guys winning, i think a just cause such as this, should galvanize all of us to stop what is happening. Its time for this to stop.

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