bung 88

Its been a fun ride getting our first shipment of 88 boards here in California. If any of you have bought a board from us here in the US – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts:) Our next shipment gets here right at the start of summer in June so ill keep you posted on that. Til then, ive been collecting clips here and there of my friends riding them, and we are lucky enough to have an Icon like Burch riding the boards, he’s on one of our 8;0s here. The teaser ‘bung’ is a prelude to a larger mini movie called ‘Septic Tank’ which will be coming out soon, shot entirely in the California region.

Grew the beard out for winter warmth – Took it down yesterday. Off to Hawaii on Monday for some upcoming projects – Pretty excited to get some VitaminD up me:)

couple kewl youtube clips caught my eye this week.

ear candy

Lee-Ann – so cool : )

Love how plastic rubbish awareness is really starting to get into the public consciousness! The time has come that we start to clean it up. I think the most challenging part will be bringing this to 3rd world countries whom have no education the effects its having on our ecosystem.

 Get on the hemp train.

Wow, check this! Hempcrete and hemp insulations.

humor man


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