Gotta hang with one of my good friends and teammates Derrick Disney at Burchs shaping bay outside of Oceanside CA. Derrick has flown under the radar for years now, not to many people know that he is quite the accomplished glasser. As well as glassing his shapes have been getting better and better as he soaks in all the Burch Ju-ju and starts to morph his fishes into very similar designs as his mentor/the master Ryan B. Hard to get Diz to do audio or awkward kinda speaking stuff, but i know him well enough to get it out of him. Its easy to talk when it comes from the heart. And everything Derrick does comes from his heart. Nice to see some of Dizs weird flextails the past couple years, stoked to put it together for the VIssla guys and show you what i came up with! Derrick is surfin south OC Ca, GLand, and NorthernBaja.

couple 35mm shots i got from the shaping day. ILFORD XP2

Diz in his new DBlanc’s

RC stuff really cracks me up:) Just ran into this one.

This ZAF creation just might be the best thing ive ever seen. The innovative JIMBO.

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