In celebration of 88 day (August 8 / 8/8/18) im releasing to you SEPTIC TANK. A 10min trip out reptilian conspiracy chem trailing journey through the bowels of California. This is our first short ever out of the good ol US, so pretty special to me. Stoked to get some waves in this one and be on the other side of the lense for a coupla:)

Been on a bender! Just got back from Bali shooting for the new movie!! Was there for that mega swell and ended up getting 3 swells in 10 days. Summer is in FULL heat here, and chasin waves all day when theyre up, looks like lots of hurricane activity in the coming week!! Finding surfs in between.

Movies comin along and if you’re reading this, you are hard core! Thank you for hanging in there with me as my posting on the blog has seriously diminished over the past year:( Man, INSTAGRAM has really got us all stuck swiping all day. Hope there is still some old school people out there looking at blogs and full shorts not on their phones.

couple grabs of OZZIE last week in the Buket

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