Happy Beach – surf film & trailer

Been working on the next surf film for the last year, it will be called – “Happy Beach”! This film is prooooobably going to be the next Endless Bummer. Also gonna print up a limited amount of DVDs so surf stoked people can have a hard copy to throw in for movie nights and show it to all their friends. If you like crappy pictures youre gonna love this one!

Happy Beach is going to be really super loose. Like if a thruster had sex with a twinny, and they had a surfing baby. There will be a small animated part, southern california secret spots, and a member of the cast might die or drown in the film 🙁 But dont worry, its a happy film with magical powers 🙂

SHot with all kinds-a film stocks, and weirdo processing techniques that will bring film dorks total happiness. There was even a couple rolls shot that were expired in 1989 wohhhhh, that films older than Andrew Doheny!

Hoping to release it in late December, still shooting as much film as possible whenever the waves are dangerous for beginners, or at least when it is over Ford Archbolds ankles – which are really high.

It is a shortboard film as well, so get frothy and all amped up!

FOUR things i promise not to put in this surf film…

1. surfing on alias

2. bodysurfing

3. Slow motion longboarding

4. digital imagery

surfers:  Andrew Doheny, Josh Hoyer, Ozzie Wrong, Ford Archbold, Chippa Wilson, Al Knost,  Rane Deynolds, & a bunch of other rippers have cameos, they all pop airs and get barreled – like K-slats! get HAppy!

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