Mitch Coleborn & Secret Sound Underground

So Mitch n I got a chance to shoot at a remote secret beach somewhere in Indo for my upcoming film Secret Sound Underground. Here is some of the photos from our shred. Mitch was lighting it up after taking a break from the QS tour grind, and we had a fun couple days chasing swell. photos: Anthony Dodds

Back in Indo shootin for Secret Sound and hot damn it feels so good!

Did my first contest last weekend in Newport Beach at the 24th Annual Newport Beach Classic held at one of my favorite spots and basically my backyard 56th street. I attempted to make a heat while riding a softtop. I was unsuccessful but the crowd got a kick out of it and i ended up having a blast. Even did a floater over one of my competitors heads in the dieing moments of the heat.

After having a beer with contest director Darren Brilhart he said i was quite close to making my heat on the softtop. All the judges got a kick out of it and after the heat the contest seemed to take on a different vibe. A way funner vibe, with alotta high fives n shakas. This photo was taken by Goodie moments before the heat went down, you can see the focus and commitment i was going for in the photo. Next year i will make a heat on a softtop!

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