Back into Californier

Just got back from a 2 week photo/film trip down in Nicaragua. First night sleeping in bed at home last night was FREEzing!! SHit, didnt realize how cold it gets here in the golden state. The reason for my unmanlyness is, turns out, Nicaragua basically doesnt have a winter. ITs weather waves and water temperature are pretty much the same all year round (85 degrees air/72 degrees water), due to its own weather systems that develop off THe Lago of Nicaragua, blowing off shore almost everyday of the year. IT was unbelievable!

First week was about 2-4, 2nd week was around 3-6ft and it didnt stop. There is no off season so ended up surfing a ton when I wasnt shooting. The resident photog got a few frames of me on the lefthander on a 3-5ft day at COlorodos (got more waves than i could count but im figuring about 1000 waves for 14 days, mostly hangin on the right hander roll-in soft top dream wave Ponga Drops) Was so so stoked to get at least a shot to show to all my bros back at home, yeah!

Had so much fun riding, for the first time, an INT soft top – it was a 7’0. The resort was situated right in the middle of two breaks, both had lefts and rights but mostly one was a right and one a left, photos below show the righthand roll-in setup situated right in front of the house behind the pool:) machine like waves kept coming at us dayafterdayafterday and it was fuking Amazing!

I will fill you in more with photos that i shot and edit them down. So excited! and thanks to MArk & Daves for the great time and the off the charts hospitality shown by the staff in particular, Zac & Kimi:) Zac doing a hack in the bottom photo. FINAL analysis . . . a sweet film short, information on the resort, and photos soon coming. Sorry about not posting for the past 2 weeks:( Didnt get into a computer but now im back home seems like totally back into the work program here in Cali.

zac attack.

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  1. rode an INT all summer at SurfAcademy hb those boards are SICK! The 8′ were my favorite. Loving the blog, the revolution continues !!

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