Manderin Brown – SUrf film

Put this film together with left overs from all my travels in late 2012-2013 for Mollusk Surf Shop. The film was finished about 6 months ago and didnt got released til now. Its a non serious webfilm that is strictly for the froth of alt. board riders, and fans of non mainstream surfing to some fun non lyrical music. I believe that this was the first time got to hang and shoot with Machado, so it was a fun experience for me. It was shot on all super 8.

Spots include Knost n jared in Rincon, Jared riding an 7’0 alaia in central baja, also with Burch Machado and knost in the swami’s/table tops region, where after Knost n Rob talk fin design and get some pizza where surf photog gods mark chaniere and Todd Glaser joined in on a nice post surf chowdown. Indonesia footage includes Ellis Ericson surfing Canggu- bingen, and racetracks in Bali. Ford has a small cameo from a mexico trip to northern baja from the underground cultclassic film SSU. 🙂

Mollusk is a rad bunch and I really appreciate how they have supported my travel/film habit:)


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